AM 901 Thames "The Gift Of Money b/w The Night She Became Me" 7"
AM 902 Stare Case "Bouquets For The Living" 2cd
AM 903 Henry And Hazel Slaughter "Demo" cd
AM 904 Full Scales "Minor Moods For You" c60
AM 905 Paradox 14 zine + cd
AM 906 Community Action "Color vrs Poison Arts" cd
AM 907 Spykes "Press, Pressure & No Air" 2cd & tape & poster
AM 908 S.W.M.C.C.C "Demo" c60
AM 909 Birth Refusal "For Cleo & Leroy" 2cd
AM 910 The Tubes "2" 3c90 + poster
AM 911 Stare Case "Public Vanity" 2cd
AM 912 Wolf Eyes "Great Outdoors Live" c90
AM 913 Henry & Hazel Slaughter "Permanent Collection" 4cd set
AM 914 Birth Refusal "Easy Sessions at the Afternoon Studio" 2cd
AM 915 Pink Chunk Jazz Band "Building Dust To Web Fingers" c60
AM 916 Spykes "Lengths To Time In Crosswords" 290
AM 917 VA "Timeline Berserker" c90 w/ Stare Case, FxIx Spykes, Birth Refusal
AM 918 Stare Case "Switch Stance 1" cd
AM 919 Stare Case "Switch Stance 2" cd
AM 920 Henry & Hazel Slaughter "Sideways Gas Washers" onesided lock groove lp
AM 921 Stare Case "Switch Stance 3" cd
AM 922 Living Mangled "Final Hair Piece for Knox with melted bucket" 3c90 + 5cd set
AM 923 Spykes "Personal Contact" c90
AM 924 H & H Slaughter & Eating People "Second Supper Live in South" split c90
AM 925 DJ Dog Dick "The Yo Po Freestyles" UNHEARD SERIES -1 onesided lp
AM 926 F.I. Spykes "Living Entangled 2012 vol 1" cd
AM 927 F.I. Spykes "Living Entangled 2012 vol 2" cd
AM 928 Henry and Hazel Slaughter "Free Form Crawlin'" C90
AM 929 Words of the Encryption Convict "Reading at Miles & Bondos: CHANGE" reading 8/11/12
AM 930 Sharon Gal "Melancoholic" 7"
AM 931 The Eating People & H & H Slaughter "Horror Unfolds At Unpopular Waterpark" collab c90
AM 932 F.I. Spykes "Live from the Moors of the Unsame One" c90
AM 933 The Eating People "We are Eating People vol 1" c60
Am 934 The Eating People "We are Eating People vol 2" c60
AM 935 Vom Grill "Dont Ollie On Thin Ice!" UNHEARD SERIES -2 onesided lp
AM 936 The Spykes "Unwelcome All The Same A" cd
AM 937 The Spykes "Unwelcome All The Same B" cd
AM 938 Henry & Hazel Slaughter "Free Form Crawling = STILL" c60
AM 939 The Pink Chunk Jazz Band "Live @ The Abstracted Bar, Fall Sessions" 2c90
AM 940 The Pink Chunk Jazz Band "Clear Conscious Bottom Dregs Living" onesided 7"
AM 941 Wolf Eyes "Log Jam" 3cd
AM 942 Drainolith "Morton Sociejo Lying Fiction" onesided c90
AM 943 REXIM with TALES "Protect Yourself Inside This Episode" c60
AM 944 Henry & Hazel Slaughter "Slow And Burning Bang B.C." cd
AM 945 Gas Mask Horse "Full Moon Hysteria - Truncated Edition" onesided lp + backpatch
AM 946 FxIx The Spykes "Winter Fist #2"c45
AM 947 Henry & Hazel Slaughter "Garden Bowl"cd
AM 948 Alexander Moskos "VA- A Month In the Mind of Moskos" 4cd set
AM 949 The Eating People & F.I. Spykes "Eating Spykes=Daytime" 4c30 box set
AM 950 American Tapes "The End is Near" M.U.G & Destroy Compound Detroit Fest June 16th Sat 2012
AM 951 The Spykes "Boiling Archives =A" cd
AM 952 F.I. Spykes "Eating Contact One" c90
AM 953 The Eating People "Fate Phase 1" c90
AM 954 F.I. Spykes "Contact Eating Two" c90
AM 955 Henry & Hazel Slaughter "My Worlds" onesided lock groove 7"
AM 956 The Eating People "Phase Fate 2" c90
AM 957 The Spykes / H & H SLAUGH "Live Fry Split" c60
AM 958 Henry & Hazel Slaughter "Endless Power" Fedora Corpse AT edition LP + CD
AM 959 Spykes "My Twin the Worm" c60
AM 960 The Eating People "Straunge Trilleelings" onesided 7"
AM 961 Henry & Hazel Slaughter "Cycled Never Two" cd
AM 962 Henry & Hazel Slaughter "Never Cycled One" cd
AM 963 Henry & Hazel Slaughter "Cranking Sound From Rattling Dry Seasons" cd
AM 964 Spykes "My Twin the Worm 2" c60
AM 965 Wolf Eyes "Choking Flies/Dull Murder" 7"
AM 969 Sewn Leather "Motorcycle Ministry" onesided lp
AM 970 Henry & Hazel Slaughter "Motto is Non Breathing Animals 1" c60
AM 971 Spykes "Wave Crash" 3cd
AM 974 H & H Slaugh "Slaughtered Emotions To You" cd
AM 976 The Eating People "Snail Air Chaser" cd
AM 977 Alexander Moskos "VA- A Month In the Mind of Moskos Vol 2" 5cd set
AM 978 Mollusk Lettuce Lungs "Platform Hands" c90
AM 979 Spyked Comet Alive "Froward Living" c90
AM 980 "Horrors In the Museum live" onesided lp
AM 981 Bob Bellerue "Jangle Massacre" onesided 7"
AM 982 "Strangled Pairs" Vol Thirteen/ Ryley Walker & Chris Brokaw onesided lp
AM 983 E.J. Hamacher onesided 7"
AM 984 The Henry & Hazel Slaughter Experience "Praying Mantis Brain" c90
AM 985 Knifestorm "Mystery" onesided lp
AM 986 Doberman s/t onesided 7" + cd
AM 987 Mossenek "Mothen" onesided 7"
AM 989 Ben Hall / C. Spencer Yeh "End Trophy" onesided 7"
AM 990 Drainolith & Words Of the Incryption Convict collab onesided 7" + story book
AM 991 The Spykes "Peak Energy Time 1" c90
AM 992 Crib Breath "Nothing Chaser" cd
AM 993 The Spykes "Peak Energy Time 2 c90
AM 998 The Spykes "Winter Wonders" #1 cd90
AM 999 Timmy Vulgar "s/t" onesided lp
AM 1000 AMERICAN TAPES FINAL PARTY M.U.G Detroit New Years Eve Dec 31 2013


LIVE FRYING: Wolf Eyes/Stare Case 2 C90
LIVE FRYING: Eating People C90
LIVE FRYING: Henry & Hazel Slaughter "Four Track Attake" c60
LIVE FRYING: H & H Slaugh/ Eating People split c90
LIVE FRYING: Stare Case 3 c90
LIVE FRYING: H & H Slaughter "Demos A" cd
LIVE FRYING: H & H Slaughter "Demos B" cd
LIVE FRYING: H & H Slaughter "Demos C" cd
LIVE FRYING: H & H Slaughter "Demos D" cd
LIVE FRYING: H & H Slaughter "Attaker" cd
LIVE FRYING: Slaugt H & H "Session Nov 2nd" c60
LIVE FRYING: Spykes "Live with Jpeg Jeff-Radios" c60

AM M.U.G 1 Winter Collab cd 1
AM M.U.G 2 Winter Zone Mix cd2
AM M.U.G 3 April Sessions Onesided 7"